An insight into living with Lipodystrophy

An insight into living with Lipodystrophy

Posted Tuesday 16th Jan 2024 Patient Stories

The Diabetes Network Wales, in partnership with the National Severe Insulin Resistance Service at Addenbrookes, Cambridge, and Lipodystrophy UK, has collaboratively produced a compelling series of short films. Across six episodes, individuals of various ages who are navigating life with lipodystrophy share their personal stories. These films not only provide a vivid portrayal of the condition’s appearance and impact but also offer insights into how individuals strive to lead fulfilling lives despite their lipodystrophy.

The narratives serve as a valuable resource for gaining a genuine understanding of this rare condition, shedding light on its manifestations and offering insights on what to be vigilant about.

What is Lipodystrophy?

Ethan, Patricia, Peter, Clare, Lucy, Daniel, Ian, Louis, Tracey, and Gemma contribute their insights to illuminate the various forms of lipodystrophy. Their expertise is shared during an event orchestrated by Siobhan Dunn for Lipodystrophy UK, with the backing of Dr. Rebecca Sanders, Chair, and Founder.

Lipodystrophy on the outside

Discover how Lipodystrophy can look and what impact it can have.

Lipodystrophy on the inside

Understanding what goes on inside the body is extremely useful to support self-management.

How this condition can impact hormones

Explore the different ways Lipodystrophy can impact hormonal responses.

Self management

Valuable guidance and thoughtful insights on the daily physical and emotional hurdles encountered as a result of Lipodystrophy.

Advice and contacts

Guidance, motivation, and an optimistic mindset to help you lead your most fulfilling life.

Want to know more?

Discover more about Lipodystrophy, including its types, diagnosis, signs, and symptoms. Gain insights at your own pace as you explore valuable information on this condition.

Dr Sam Rice, Leanne Jenkins and the Diabetes Network Wales saw the need, found the funds and collaborated with colleagues in Addenbrookes Cambridge and Lipodystrophy UK to make the films. They, in turn, worked with the team at eHealth Digital Media to make these films which can also be found in the PocketMedic film library where you can find information about self-management of a range of conditions.

Created by: Rebecca Sanders

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